Fences and Gates


ProZAD fencing system elements are rust-protected with top anticorrosive coating achieved by galvanising and powder painting. It is hot dip galvanising of a chemically cleaned construction that provides dozens of years of rust protection to our fencing system elements.


Galvanising is an efficient economically technique in terms of both production and maintenance. Galvanised fencing by ProZAD does not require surface maintenance for years. Rust-proofing no longer means expensive treatments as with traditional fencing. Galvanised steel may be recycled so it does not litter or burden the environment.

DUPLEX SYSTEM - Double Protection

Combined galvanised and varnish coatings in the DUPLEX system make ProZAD fencing serve considerably longer. In all weather conditions ProZAD fencing will look attractive. RAL colour palette application makes a selection of polyester coating colour easy.


Galvanising by ProZAD complies with the European norm PN-EN ISO 1461 which guarantees proper quality of galvanised products. Galvanised coating is resistant to both high and low temperatures and UV radiation for best protection of steel surfaces.